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Phil Fersht keynote delivers data behind Global 2k upheaval and COVID relief in India

August 25, 2021

On June 8, 2021, HFS’ CEO and Chief Analyst Phil Fersht launched the inaugural HFS OneOffice™ Digital Symposium with a keynote address delivering 20 minutes of just-released HFS Pulse data directly from the Global 2000.

Focal areas include:

  • Data for the hybrid reality and new world of work
  • Investment drivers for third-party services and where they’ll be prioritized
  • Cloud investment levels and strategy status
  • Where investments are increasing and decreasing in emerging tech
  • The bedrock of digital transformation data
What is HFS OneOffice Pulse data?

The HFS OneOffice Pulse is a biannual publication of data across technology and business services, driven by extensive survey and analyst interviews across 800+ Global 2000 enterprise executives.

What does the data mean for you?

The data illuminates major changes happening across the Global 2000 for the next 12 to 18 months. This insight serves the ambition to anticipate market shifts ahead of the curve, make complex decisions confidently, future-proof organizational strategies, and inspire new levels of impact in your organization.

This synopsis presents highlights from the keynote address and quick links to the final presentation deck and on-demand video.

Watch this keynote

You can read other POVs and a comprehensive ebook about the Symposium, plus watch video highlights of the two-day event, here.

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