Market Analysis

Impact of Automation and AI on Services Jobs, 2016-2022

This report is an update on our forecast in 2016 that examines and predicts likely impact of the most recent wave of automation on the IT Services and BPO industry.


A lot has changed in the last year... especially when it comes to automation: it has now become the broadly-accepted efficiency tool for cost leverage with operations.


Every customer has RPA project managers and automation leads hungry for data, advice, and ideas. Every service provider has RPA embedded into their service delivery models, and every credible advisor has a practice that is working with multiple clients to make this happen. The Armageddon days of talking about robots taking our jobs are over - these are now the reality days where we can see exactly what's going on with automation and AI, and accurately estimate how it's going to impact the services industry in the next few years.


This report gives our assessment on the overall impact of automation on the jobs within the IT services and BPO industry.

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