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(Real) Holograms: If you’re about to miss the boom, here’s what you need to know

Sep 19, 2019 Josh Matthews


The limits of what 2D technology can achieve by mimicking 3D have been reached, whether it’s 3D TVs, augmented reality (AR) (like the unprecedentedly popular Pokémon Go), or virtual reality (VR) headsets. True 3D display, or “holography,” is about to spread across industries to reinvent customer and worker experiences, minus the historical constraints of cost, data, and power consumption.


Gaming and industrial settings have embraced early versions of AR, but soon we can expect revolutionary use of AR and 3D holographic displays across automotive, retail, healthcare, and many other verticals. If your enterprise strategy doesn’t give AR and holography the attention they deserve, your customers and employees will look elsewhere, and you’ll be playing catch-up for a long time.



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