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Automotive firms must look toward partnerships that meld startup mentality with global scalability—as Accenture makes another big acquisition

Mar 23, 2020 Josh Matthews

The automotive sector is changing: electric cars, autonomous cars, and digital in-car experiences. The industry’s historical precedent of slow development cycles and painful negotiations with suppliers of both products and services, can’t continue. Automotive firms want their partners to act like startups—Agile, design thinking, spotting new customer-centric business opportunities—but also have the global scale to match. Accenture’s Industry X.0 practice recently made its umpteenth acquisition—German automotive software developer ESR Labs— to bring the startup mindset to its global reach and experience. Other providers like HCL, Wipro, and Infosys, to name but a few, are also in the game. Automotive leaders are well-positioned to find themselves a partner with the perfect blend of scale and mindset; service providers have certainly realized the criticality of the transition facing the automotive industry in the decades to come.


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