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Enterprises must beat down their process debt to help their humans achieve automation success

Many of today’s enterprise automation initiatives are delivering lackluster results due to too much focus on tinkering with technology and too little focus on optimizing processes and enabling humans to prioritize high-value work.


This was the overwhelming factor we uncovered at a recent HFS roundtable conversation with two dozen enterprise automation leaders while exploring strategies for creating the digitally augmented workforce.  The session was supported by Capgemini. Contrary to popular belief, process automation is not about getting rid of humans; it’s about augmenting them. Intelligent automation technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) have the ability to change how work is done through process transformation, supported by a hybrid workforce of humans augmented by digital technologies. The roundtable explored strategies for creating an effective augmented workforce at scale with an emphasis on striking a balance between the required components of people, process, and digital technologies. This POV outlines some of our core findings and observations from the day.


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