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HFS Highlight: Zensar introduces ZenTrust and ZenCare to help clients through Covid-19

May 7, 2020 Ollie O’Donoghue

At a time of extreme uncertainty, it’s never been more critical to have the right technology partners in place to bring a degree of stability and predictability to enterprises. Most organizations have urgent needs and are adopting working from home environments. By introducing two new services, ZenTrust and ZenCare, Zensar is working to tackle the real-world challenges businesses are facing today.


ZenTrust – a consulting-led approach that aims to address immediate avenues for cost reduction and optimization across a business’ app estate

ZenCare – a suite of rapid-response services to enable enterprises to operate as close to business as usual as possible in a remote environment


Many businesses are wrestling with two distinct challenges - reducing efficiencies to buy time and certainty, and bridge the gap between the 'new normal' and business as usual.


Simply put, corporate mindshare has shifted into a form of survival mode as they pivot their operations to support a unique business environment; one that necessitates remote working at scale and calls for the modernization and optimization of IT environments at break-neck speeds. And CIOs are looking for a route to make sense of this new world with a focus on core IT. In part, because modern IT platforms are an essential building block of the digital economy, and the Covid-19 outbreak has created the burning platform enterprise leaders needed to bump transformation higher up the agenda. And because businesses are emphasizing a critical need to reduce costs to develop a more versatile and sustainable business model in punishing economic conditions. 


ZenCare offers enterprise leaders a critical lever to pull to get to grips with the former by providing scalable virtual environments to provide employees with the access and tools necessary to get back to work. Zensar executives advise the initiative is empathy led, with a focus on helping enterprise leaders gain some breathing room to think strategically.


Executives at Zensar advised the service is capable of scaling to over 10,000 virtual devices at short notice at no cost for the first 30 days. The ZenCare offering is inclusive of a reference architecture that both supports scalability and security. With scope to load in other services from a range of ISVs, such as Nutanix, AWS, and Azure, that the firm has pulled into a growing partner ecosystem. ZenTrust, on the other hand, providers a critical route to both cost reduction to alleviate immediate fiscal concerns, but also a structured path to an optimized IT environment.


The rapid Covid-19 decamp forced executives to scramble IT services to provide quick access – ZenTrust will make longer-term transitions less chaotic.

Enterprise leaders we’ve spoken to over the past few months have faced multiple challenges. The most prominent is the need to balance short-term accessibility issues to maintain business activities with broader IT architectural concerns that come from hastily plastering over gaps with new software and solutions. For some, the result is an expensive and complex tangle of legacy applications and new solutions that they will inevitably need to unravel. ZenTrust offers businesses another approach – one which in the medium to long-term will be a lifeline to some companies. By assessing entire business application environments, Zensar identifies gaps and routes to optimization – with efficiency gains a vital focal point. IT complexity aside, the reality for many business decision-makers now centres on cost-reduction and assessing and evolving their IT environment is a crucial step to fulfilling this goal.


Bottom line: CIOs and Executives must avoid kicking the IT can down the road or risk greater cost and complexity.


By understanding the core challenges enterprises are facing right now, Zensar has managed to create two critical levers to enable their clients the ability to manage the unknown and, where possible, take decisive actions to improve the outlook of their businesses. 


While the future of the post-Covid world is still relatively unknown, enterprises with sleek, modernized IT environments will undoubtedly stand a greater chance of not only surviving but thriving. The primary focus for enterprises will be avoiding unnecessary cost reductions while providing greater access to remote teams.