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IPsoft’s Amelia can provide the Digital glue between Front and Back Offices to create OneOffice™

Jun 7, 2017 Phil Fersht Melissa O'Brien Tom Reuner

Amidst all the hype and confusing marketing propaganda surrounding Robotic Process Automation (RPA), it felt like a breath of fresh air listening to customers talk about their genuine experiences with IPsoft’s cognitive solutions. The Digital Workforce Summit in New York was primarily focused on IPsoft’s emerging cognitive platform Amelia, rather than its mainstay IT management platform IPcenter. IPsoft has a bold ambition to evolve Amelia into a core AI platform, that sits at the intersection of systems of record, systems of engagement and data platforms. The firm’s sizeable investment in bringing a very large morass of mainstream industry analysts and consultants to New York City is testament to the firm’s ambitions with Amelia and it’s growing financial success penetrating the Global 2000 with its bold ideas about the power of smartly orchestrated AI.

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