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In the early days of enterprise AR and VR, look to your peers’ pioneering use cases to set your own strategy

Nov 12, 2019 Reetika Fleming


As HFS outlined in our recent POV on advances in AR and VR technologies, these technologies are rapidly shedding their reputations as consumer-focused gimmicks and are making themselves increasingly indispensable to enterprises of a particular profile. Enterprise-grade AR and VR may still be in its early days, but it’s not science fiction—companies are already using these technologies to make a real difference to their business. As AR and VR have the potential to drastically cut operating costs and improve customer experience and loyalty for enterprises, technology decision-makers should be watching this space closely. In particular, they should heed the use cases already in play among their peers.


In our related POV we explore some of the tech firms that are leading the advancement of these technologies. This POV looks at the types of enterprises that stand to benefit most from AR and VR, early-moving organizations harnessing enterprise AR and VR, the benefits they stand to gain, and where these technologies could make a difference next. 


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