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To get value from process automation in your organization, you must maximize its initial impact

Mar 2, 2020 Miriam Deasy

Robotic process automation (RPA) vendor NICE has been working with RPA for 17 years. Attended (desktop) automation was the main thrust for NICE initially; unattended robots joined along the way. NICE has learned many lessons along this journey. While legions of companies have RPA in place, each often has only a handful of bots, offering at best a questionable return on investment (ROI). RPA journeys often stall. Repeated patterns are apparent, and the success stories have common themes. HFS recently sat down with three of NICE’s finest to discuss the myths, reality, challenges, and opportunities in RPA and to understand the best route to attaining success, realizing value, and achieving scale. In short: the starting point matters, and it includes the mindset and intent at the outset of selecting and prioritizing the processes to automate. Once automation initiatives are underway, NICE shifts the emphasis from automating processes to augmenting employee and customer experiences.

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