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A time to kill, or a time to be killed? Five critical steps for LTI and Mindtree to make it work or risk failure

Aug 11, 2019 Tapati Bandopadhyay

It was the first-ever hostile takeover in the Indian IT industry: LTI and Mindtree coming together in L&T umbrella—what’s next?


With the IT services industry at its saturation point, several Indian heritage providers are waking up to an unthinkable reality: merging and getting past decades of pride and ego to do the smart thing for the future of their companies, their staff, and their clients.

With Mindtree under the parent L&T umbrella, LTI bravely ventures between the feisty mid-cap providers and the Tier 1 multi-billion-dollar powerhouses. Can it compete in both worlds?


The Indian IT services scene has been in a strange situation where six mega providers with revenues ranging from $5 billion to $20 billion have dominated the big-ticket enterprise deals, and a plethora of “mid-cap” providers—typically between $500 million and $1.5 billion—have been feasting on enterprise clients and demanding more attention on smaller, complex deals, which the large providers simply struggle to take on.



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