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Case Study: Harnessing the Triple-A Trifecta to Hit Digital OneOffice™ Gold

Sep 17, 2018 Saurabh Gupta Maria Terekhova

In today’s data-driven economy, it is essential for all companies to put several principles at the core of their business strategy: customer centricity, data-driven operations, and agility in the face of emerging technologies. HFS Research has summarized these principles as the Digital OneOffice model. To become a OneOffice enterprise, a company must break down organizational silos to facilitate data flow and communication and to erase the distinction between the front and back offices. This kind of transformation is by now crucial, but it is easier said than done, especially for legacy enterprises. One such legacy enterprise is well on its way to achieving the OneOffice ideal—Swedish multinational ICT giant Ericsson.


Several years ago, Ericsson started developing a digital strategy to become a OneOffice organization and retain its digital leader status. This digital strategy aimed to make Ericsson’s operational model data-driven and customer-centric, to improve data quality to enable Ericsson to leverage new technologies like smart analytics and AI, and to further drive cost savings to stay competitive.


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