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Defining and Sizing The Digital OneOffice Framework

Feb 28, 2018 Phil Fersht



In today's progressive enterprises, barriers between the front, middle and back offices are collapsing, and operations are simply becoming "OneOffice". The Digital OneOffice is the framework for the touchless digital customer experience and the creation of an intelligent, single office to enable it.


“Digital” describes the design and usage of interactive channels that drive customer engagement with the enterprise, namely mobile, social, text and chat.


“OneOffice” describes the enabling technologies, such as unified analytics and cognitive automation, that drive real-time predictive capabilities and an engaging digital experience that unifies all the stakeholders across the organization: the customers, partners and employees. 


The Digital OneOffice is where the organization's people, intelligence, processes and infrastructure come together as one integrated unit, with one set of unified business outcomes tied to exceeding customer expectations.




Executives leaders and business unit leaders across IT, marketing, sales, customer service, operations, finance, HR, supply chain and procurement. Advisors and investors engaged in new generation business model and technology innovations.




How to understand and approach real digital concepts and apply a compelling engagement model across your organization's operations. New ways to redefine roles more effectively to wrap the needs of the customer into business processes; how to approach talent as the enabler for making digital work for organizations and redefine roles and responsibilities; identify and plug capability gaps; plan a realistic digital operations roadmap and framework across your organization.

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