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Executives must focus on sustainability, or prepare for a new wave of lawsuits

Aug 19, 2019 Josh Matthews


Evolving scientific evidence of climate change coupled with changing legal interpretations means that a new wave of lawsuits is washing over enterpriseswhether they’re the source of environmental damage or just an indirect partner. The historical culture of outsourcing with closed eyes is disappearing as businesses find that their partners’ indiscretions are increasingly coming back to haunt them; manufacturing via modern slavery, for example, or Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica crisis. The cost of first-hand indiscretions is also skyrocketing, as companies are ceremoniously torn apart by the public and mediaUnited Airlines, look away now 


Enterprises must now thoroughly assess and be accountable to their environmental, social, and financial footprintsno matter how far down the line. You can’t outsource responsibility anymore. 


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