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Forget “Omnichannel:” Your Future Is Intelligent Customer Engagement

Failure to listen to the voice of your customers will result in your demise, so isn’t the customer contact center more relevant than ever as the focal point of intelligent customer engagement?


You would think so. Instead, we’ve been hearing from doomsayers for years that the contact center is in the final throes of life. We’re even hearing from so-called experts that up to 80% of the call center can be “automated away.” If you believe the tech purists, any function reliant on the efforts of good, honest, hard-working people can—and will—be replaced by software platforms. If you’ve built a career on the red-headed stepchild of the enterprise, these call-center death knells are no doubt giving you nightmares about a dystopian future full of empty cubicle wastelands. 

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