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Why are enterprises still clueless about unstructured data?

Sep 29, 2017 Reetika Fleming

Technology is now changing much faster than an organization’s ability to adapt to it. For example, digital technology is creating anomalies in data that we have yet to fully learn how to identify and use. This is evidenced in our latest study in which a whopping 45% - almost half - of enterprise leaders believe that only a small percentage (0-25%) of their data is unstructured. By unstructured, we are referring to digital pictures, videos, social media feeds, web content, handwriting and sketches, and voice memos, for example, which are common data elements in any organization. As studies suggest that 90% of the global data being produced today is in these undefined, uncatalogued formats it is virtually impossible to imagine that unstructured data is not relevant to half the organizations today as indicated by our study results. (see Exhibit 1) We believe companies need to be conscious of looking for unstructured data as they design their integrated OneOffice operations for the future.[1]

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