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The HfS Triple A Trifecta: Automation, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence

Aug 31, 2017 Phil Fersht Jamie Snowdon Tom Reuner Saurabh Gupta

The pace of change in today’s world of business and IT operations is astounding. “Digital,” “Platform,” and “Automation” are most frequently used words that clients hear from their service providers and advisors but there is no common understanding or definition behind these. While our industry continues to accelerate the build-out of these capabilities, client adoption and satisfaction[1] is still lagging. One of the primary reasons is the lack of a common understanding or a unifying framework.


The “Triple A Trifecta” (See Exhibit 1) of Robotic Automation, Smart Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence aims to provide a clear and crisp articulation of the emerging change agents for clients to optimize, renovate, or transform their business operations. We also focused on developing the Trifecta based on client-context versus describing technology capability.


This PoV discusses each element of the Trifecta to understand the value proposition from a service delivery perspective and required human governance. The PoV also highlights the different flavors and building blocks associated with each Trifecta element.


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