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The 2016 HfS Research Blueprint Agenda

In 2014, we introduced the concept of the “As-a-Service Economy” and how it is fundamentally impacting how business and IT services have to be fashioned, solutioned and delivered. Since then we have built on our research and refined our 8 Ideals of the As-a-Service Enterprise using the insights gained from reviewing these concepts with service providers, enterprise buyers and third party advisors across the industry.


In this POV we share our latest view of the 8 Ideals and how they are impacting our industry. We also look at how we have internalized these Ideals as we shape our own capability for “Research As-a-Service”.


Finally, we share the 25 Blueprints planned for 2016 that are built around the topics we hear of greatest interest to the industry that also reflect the journey towards the As-a-Service Enterprise.

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