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Born in the Cloud NexGen Agency Finds a Contact Center Niche

December 14, 2015

NexGen Agency is a customer experience management services provider focusing on contact center, social media engagement and sales/lead generation. While still in start up mode, NexGen Agency social media mentoring program caught our eye as something unique.


As social presence is such a sensitive topic for most organizations, many are hesitant to hand these interactions off to a service provider to manage, yet they often struggle with developing the talent and processes to handle social customer engagement effectively themselves. 


NexGen Agency offers a program in which its social media experts work from the client’s site to coach and develop their social customer engagement staff; the result of these efforts often end up with the client using NexGen Agency to augment their internal talent.


While social customer support and consulting services are now fairly commonplace, we have not seen this kind of training and mentoring capability offered within the social media monitoring space. NexGen Agency’s approach tackles a market need that has been unaddressed to date while strategically selling more contact center operations services.


From an As-a-Service standpoint, NexGen Agency shows well as an example “Plug and Play Digital Services.” Being a start up has given NexGen Agency the advantage of building its business in the cloud from the start without the limitations of working from on-premise legacy systems. In particular, its contact center functionality is entirely on a cloud based platform, bringing speed and agility to contact center operations for its clients. 


NexGen Agency still has work to do to develop the brand and create a presence in the marketplace.  While it doesn’t have the scale to compete with the large established contact center BPO players, HfS believes NexGen Agency can grow successfully by targeting smaller, more niche engagements that have the potential for dramatic impact on its clients’ business objectives, such as improving Net Promoter Score, and driving revenue and/or increasing customer loyalty through social engagement.

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