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Can HPE+CSC Dominate the Digital Underbelly or has that Ship Sailed?

HPE and CSC announced the merger of HPE’s Enterprise Services Division and CSC, which is expected to happen before the end of March 2017. The new company will have revenues of approximately $26 billion and around 160,000 staff.


We heard CEO Meg Whitman excitedly address the firm’s key clients and industry analysts at HP’s Discover event in Las Vegas about digital transformation and the impact of digital disruption. However, the real opportunity for HP isn’t really in the design of digital business models for clients, it’s the enablement of them—it’s the provision of the agile digital underbelly to make digital change happen for enterprises.


In this PoV, we examine the significant challenges and opportunities for the merger of these two struggling services giants at a time when most traditional service providers are opting to slim down.

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