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Digital transformation is dead

October 19, 2021

  • Digital transformation continues to be touted by services providers and technology firms as the way forward to digitalize the way an organization functions as more services are created, consumed, and curated across a cloud-native technology model. However, digital transformation misrepresents what companies are really trying to do.
  • Becoming digital is about converting physical, analog attributes into a binary medium. Digitalization comprises the efforts a company must focus their actions on to evolve their people, processes, culture, and technology to embrace new business models, solution development, and experience delivery.
  • Too many firms continue to focus on transferring existing systems, practices, and business models to the cloud and capturing these as code, but it’s code that follows the old ways of work. Thus, they seldom achieve their goal of becoming digitally transformed.
The Bottom Line: Enterprise leaders must look past digital transformation to achieve the expected outcomes of a cohesive strategy which results in business outcomes not only as a means to reduce costs through re-hosting or re-platforming technology. Post-pandemic, leaders must use the opportunity they’ve been given to enact changes that lead to an evolution of the culture that treats technology as a lever for relentless innovation and value creation for partners, employees, and customers.

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