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Genpact’s Enquero acquisition helps build data engineering clients sorely need

June 28, 2021

Genpact is adding hard-to-find data engineering talent to the mix along with a compelling data quality, discovery, and lineage platform, PowerMe. For Genpact, which has historically been strongest in advanced analytics, acquiring Enquero builds upon its foundational data engineering capabilities. Additionally, Enquero’s PowerMe platform helps enterprises discover their data assets and places a big focus on the governance aspect which is critical to data adoption.

Demand is going through the roof for data engineering talent; most data is “dark” and needs serious work to realize the value of analytics, AI and other technologies – while also ensuring visibility and governance. Genpact is looking to make data a core part of its strategic engagements with enterprise clients – and after picking through the landscape for 2 years, Enquero was chosen for its domain expertise, a fresh talent pool that aligns with hyperscalers, and its technology tools and IP. Born in 2014, Enquero brings over 700 employees, over 25 active customers, and 9 global locations. With hi-tech industry experience, Enquero becomes part of the Genpact hi-tech analytics team.

Knowing the path of data from origination to consumption across disparate systems and technologies is relevant for CIOs and CTOs everywhere

Anytime there’s a business anomaly, there’s often a need for root-cause analyses. This also underpins their ability to transform their enterprises. In migration efforts from legacy systems to cloud, for example, you need to prioritize which datasets to use and which help the adoption of data in that new ecosystem. Understanding data and analytical assets in the process of transformation is vital – as is identifying the value.

For example, in retail, how to do upsell and cross-sell, from renewals to new annual licensing models? Knowing your customer base is critical: collecting data, analyzing previous orders, having a seamless pipeline of data, supply chain signals, contract data… if you create a fabric of data and then apply algorithms, you will then find results and recommendations on cross-selling, up-selling, segmentation, key drivers and more… it’s about putting eyes around data… because every company has assets all over. To accelerate this via the acquisition of Enquero, Genpact is combining software and services with the engineering talent to match.

To fully monetize data – the pipeline from capture and storage through to insight needs to be fast. There needs to be a seamless blending of internal and external data. This needs to tie in with you enterprise and ecosystem platforms. Data discovery around assets and processes and customers is a key first step – and its where a lot of Enquero’s talent comes into play. Then understanding both the metadata and technical deep-dive data must be established. BI platforms need that underpinning data expertise that ties across ERPs, warehouses, and dashboards. With this foundation, then combinations of technology from automation, AI, analytics, and more come into their own.

PowerMe will bring data governance and trust as a critical way forward for enterprise data literacy

Enquero’s PowerMe platform is its core IP that helps all kinds of data migration and modernizations journeys – across finance, supply chain management, and other business functions. The two key functionalities of PowerMe that stood out to HFS include:

  • 360° Data Lineage – Imagine looking at your BI dashboard or ML model outputs, and being able to trace where your data came from (which ERP, etc.), and fix any quality issues at the origin point of data. You can also visually see the impact of any changes to data elements to any downstream reports and analyses.
  • Analytics and Data Catalog – Helping drive self-service in enterprise BI, by making data searchable, relatable, and taggable, improving data discovery by letting users use natural language queries to discover the right data. This module also advances the data governance agenda by helping you assign roles based access, and understand the usage of data, reports, and analysis in the organization. Users can also assign ratings to reports and analyses, creating opportunities for collaboration, and for teams to all be able to use trusted insights validated by their colleagues.

In a nutshell, PowerMe is a step in the right direction to solve a big enterprise challenge – too much noise and data/technology clutter, and not enough trustable insights. Through its assets, the platform helps enterprises understand journey of data, and how much reliability you can have from a data quality standpoint.

Exhibit 1: PowerMe is a valuable addition to Genpact’s data and analytics IP portfolio

Source: Genpact, 2020

PowerMe is getting integrated with Genpact’s Cora digital business platform, and extends its AI and analytics capabilities with the focus on data lineage and governance. With Enquero, Genpact will be able to add more data and digital centric services alongside its business process and analytics prowess; this sets up other broader data transformation initiatives – taking both a process and data lens to the complex problems Genpact prides itself on solving with its clients.

The Bottom Line: Enquero adds to Genpact’s broader transformational skillset

Process and analytics underpinned by strong data governance and engineering gives Genpact a bigger piece of the transformational puzzle to deepen existing relationships and approach new types of customers.

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