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Get Started with the Digital OneOffice: The Yokohama Story

November 6, 2018

The most successful growth companies and the most valuable brands are technology led with strong digital customer engagement strategies. If your company was born digital, concepts such as virtual infrastructure, product development cycles measured in days not years, real-time data-led decision making, and omnichannel customer engagement are part of the fabric of your identity and enable your success. For everyone else—the overwhelming majority of traditional enterprises—grappling with legacy systems, manual processes, and outdated skills while trying to fend off your nimble digital competition presents inordinate barriers to digital transformation.


The question we hear from so many traditional enterprises is “where do we start?” The reality, though, is that as long as your initiatives are founded in a clear understanding of why you are engaging in digital transformation and what you hope to achieve, you have made the right choice. The greater battle is getting started. Inertia is death. With this in mind, this POV highlights Yokohama Tire Corporation, a 100-year-old manufacturing company, and its quest to move beyond paper and drive meaningful digital customer engagement aided by its partner, Brillio.

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