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HFS Data Viewpoint: Covid accelerates OneOffice interdisciplinary culture of data-fuelled, real-time adaptability

February 23, 2021

  • Covid-19 is accelerating a shift towards a OneOffice work culture, rapidly evolving from siloed working to interdisciplinary collaboration, prioritizing inclusivity and amplifying data-powered decision-making in every process as the enterprise shapes post-Covid ways of working.
  • We asked 400 executives from Global 2000 companies what ways of working would be accelerated. More than half identify a significantly greater need for an inclusive and diverse global workforce.
  • Nearly 70% believe that Covid-19 will accelerate the evolution of our work culture from siloed working to interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • Nearly 65% expect current experience-based, leader-driven decision-making to give way to data-based, real-time decision-making at the front line.
  • And nearly 60% expect that smart and emerging technology will become ubiquitous – with highly digitized productivity-amplifiers, for remote- and office-workers, in any and every process.

The Bottom Line. There’s no going back. The world has changed and customers have changed. Protecting, adapting, and digitizing your business to stay ahead is contingent on your people. Companies must place people first, not only to change with them but to unleash the enterprise with the mindset to reengage your culture and empower people to break silos, drive experimentation and advance business delivery.

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