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HFS Data Viewpoint: OneOffice Mindset in demand in the race for talent

February 11, 2021

  • Talent is the top enabler of the HFS OneOffice drive toward true digital transformation. Fifty percent (50%) of high-performing Global 2000 companies are retraining existing employees and 46% plan to hire for digital mindsets and specific skillsets that will help develop their HFS OneOffice strategy.
  • The most digitally savvy, trailblazer organizations tell us their hiring strategies have shifted from focusing on resumes, experience, and knowledge to prioritizing a willingness to learn, change, and share information. 48% want more people who are ready to make faster decisions and pick-up new tech quickly.
  • The ‘trailblazers’ are refocusing their efforts to fill their talent gap. Individual expertise required to master specific tech is not enough. Trailblazers have found they need people who are open-minded enough to test and learn, think and work differently, with the soft skills required for collaboration.
  • The stragglers – those least aligned with OneOffice – have broader challenges. Some 30% need to ramp up their capacity to learn and adapt and 31% need more champions of the new. 13% identify slow decision-making as holding them back. As these gaps are closed they will expose the same need for the fast learning, change ready capabilities the Trailblazers are already experiencing.

HFS Bottomline. Increasing demand for the HFS OneOffice Mindset places a new talent premium on attitude; flexibility, change-readiness, willingness to learn and the soft, transferable skills for effective collaboration in ever-shifting contexts. Leaders and HR must recognise this and move fast to redesign job descriptions, recruitment processes and rewards to get ahead in this new race for talent.

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