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HFS Highlight: Firstsource’s newest partnerships target the patient experience for healthcare clients

Firstsource recently announced new partnerships with Zappix and Uniphore to target the healthcare

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HFS Highlight: Thirdera aims to create a global ServiceNow pure-play

Acquisitions are just a fact of life in the IT industry - especially around innovations where demand is high, and talent is scarce. Acquisition in the ServiceNow ecosystem is a case in point. The poster children Fruition Partners and Cloud Sherpas were acquired some years ago and more recently Acorio (acquired by NTT DATA) and Linium (by Cognizant)...

HFS Highlight: Get ready for IBM Intelligent Workflows powered by Celonis EMS

Today, Celonis, IBM and Red Hat announced a visionary partnership that benefits all three companies, but most importantly, enterprise clients that are seeking digital transformation. As a part of the agreement, each party is making commitments including IBM training thousands...

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