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HFS OneOffice™ Digital Symposium Highlights

August 6, 2021

On 8 and 9 June 2021, HFS hosted our first ever digital symposium. The theme of the symposium was “OneOffice” – a term we coined in 2016 as the HFS vision as the end-state for digital organizations.

With the outbreak of the global pandemic in 2020, organizations have just taken a rapid drive down an unprecedented channel of change. It’s been a shock for many and a calling card for the digital era. This forced transformation is a final reckoning to create a collaborative, cross-functional, enterprise operation that natively automates your processes, propels your people, and powers your decisions – breaking down your front-to-back legacy silos to create the only “office” that matters: OneOffice.

We designed the HFS One Office Symposium as a roadmap to get there.

There is no definitive playbook for success in the post-pandemic world, but hard times teach us far better than good times and forge stronger bonds of trust, support, and collaboration. Our team has compiled this ebook to summarize the collective wisdom of all the participants at the HFS OneOffice Symposium.

This ebook was created by the entire HFS analyst team and we’ll be posting individual POVs for each session in the coming days. You can read individual POVs on the Symposium and watch videos here.


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