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HFS Top 10: Enterprise Blockchain Services, 2021

December 16, 2021

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The pandemic meant enterprises adjusted their spending to ensure they survived a period of such uncertainty. At the beginning of the pandemic, blockchain was merely an experiment to many enterprises, with engagements rarely making it beyond the proof-of-concept phase – making it an obvious place to reduce spending. However, as the pandemic pressures ease, the enterprise blockchain market has exploded. Enterprises are looking towards production-build initiatives to drive value throughout their business and move beyond useless proof-of-concepts.

The HFS Top 10 Enterprise Blockchain Services 2021 report investigates the blockchain space to provide a comprehensive and foundational analysis of the blockchain services market for enterprises.

From an enterprise or B2B adoption perspective, HFS assessed 12 leading blockchain services providers based on detailed discussions with their leadership teams, inputs from their enterprise clients, and analysis of thousands of blockchain engagements across industries and around the globe.

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