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How does cloud deployment benefit your organization?

June 16, 2021

Enterprises are adapting a mindset of using technology to ensure their teams can adapt to customer, market, and social changes at both scale and pace. Adopting a cloud-native model allows for scale, compute, and resilience. However, it’s the changing aspects of company culture and workforce capabilities to analyze, adapt, and deliver value that will provide long-term benefit.

  • Be ready for a work anywhere business model. People will return to work post-pandemic, but flexibility to allow for a new world of work will factor into attracting, retaining, and growing future talent.
  • A digital culture is about collaboration, data, and access. A cultural shift of how teams work across silos, with partners, and support customers in ways that are digital enhanced has begun.
  • Data is knowledge. Intelligent decision making comes from being able to access, interpret, and action the right information to deliver value.
The Bottom Line: A cloud-native organization is based on building technology into its cultural DNA.

Executives rank people, culture, and access to the three most important ways they believe the cloud will paly a part in achieving a OneOffice™.

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