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Inside the Patient Experience Design Thinking Workshop with Lawrence General Hospital and Sutherland

April 28, 2017

Lawrence General Hospital (LGH) wants to better understand the members of its community before, during, and after an experience that includes their hospital. Situated just outside of Boston, this facility provides trauma one services, serving a diverse group. Sutherland Global Services is a partner to LGH in its effort to become a more effective healthcare provider, providing patient access services. Sutherland offered to host LGH in a Design Thinking workshop to bring together professionals from across the clinical and administrative units to walk in the patient’s shoes for a day and see the hospital and each other’s roles from a different perspective.


This paper describes the current patient experience initiative at LGH, the relevance and emerging role of design thinking, and the design thinking workshop that took place in March 2017. It’s based on interviews with the LGH and Sutherland participants.

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