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Making AI the Killer App for Your Data

June 28, 2018

A practical guide for leveraging data to enable your AI journey.



To help enterprises formulate their strategies for actionable and effective use of AI, HfS and IBM have jointly developed a practical guide to starting your AI journey, leveraging insights from IBM’s Institute for Business Value (IBV) and recent HfS research, as well as real-world experiences, gleaned from interviews with clients and field practitioners.



  • This report provides a clear roadmap for starting or optimizing your organization’s AI journey including:
    • The definition of AI and its core building blocks
    • An understanding of the critical role that data and data management play in enabling AI
    • Perspectives on the value of AI to enterprises
    • Practical steps and success factors for starting or optimizing your organization’s AI journey
    • Enterprise insight – an AI Journey Spotlight featuring Groupama Italy



  • While there is a lot of hype and confusion around AI, it is real and has immense value potential for enterprises.
  • At this juncture, it is critical is for enterprises to develop a strategy and vision for AI and then begin to execute the use cases and solve the problems that make the most sense for their business objectives.
  • AI ultimately can be best optimized by enterprises with strong data management capabilities. Data, in all its myriad forms, is what ultimately teaches and enables cognitive capabilities. Without access to vast data sets, AI will remain narrow, thus carrying out only specific tasks and failing to generate the volume and velocity to achieve C-suite mandates.
  • To move toward aligning vision and execution, it’s critical to have a clear view of your ultimate end-state for AI and intelligent automation. AI, for all its significant benefits, does not directly provide the business outcome. Instead, it is an enabler to help enterprises achieve their goals effectively, productively, and intelligently.
  • The Digital OneOffice Framework provides this end state of digital transformation, where the digital organization can work in real-time to cater to its clients, rapidly support their needs, and help anticipate changes to the business environment to stay ahead of the market. It’s where your talent, intelligent software, processes, and infrastructure come together as one integrated unit, with one set of unified business outcomes tied to delighting customers.



  • C-suite leadership developing/refining digital transformation strategies
  • Business unit/functional leaders managing strategy and execution approaches to digital transformation and AI
  • IT leadership with intelligent automation/AI implementation and management oversight

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