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Manufacturing industry faces executive and operational challenges in adopting emerging tech

September 14, 2021

  • Challenges in manufacturing can be divided as executive and operational.
  • Leadership commitment challenge include- lack of digital fluency and getting the right inputs needed to make decisions is an issues (and it is reflected in gaps in Data Quality, Fluency with digital tools, and building a business case).
  • Failure to deliver on Change Management is a result of the 3 points (Data Quality, Fluency with digital tools, and building a business case ) where the others are indicative of not knowing where or how to start, this reflects a general failure to delivery
  • As industrial manufacturing industry lacks digital mindset, this results in lack of technology modernization, data management programs and overall data governance.
The Bottom Line: With the advent of digital technologies, the manufacturing industry needs a strong transformation roadmap, including significant changes in the overall technology landscape, process management, and organization culture. Thus, most of the initiatives should be driven by the top leadership and without which the middle and lower management can not bring the disruptive change.

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