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Many enterprises still at early stages of the OneOffice™ Data Cycle

December 20, 2021

As part of our 2021 HFS OneOffice™ Services Top 10: Data and Decisions report, we asked 11 global service providers to comment on the average contribution of the core elements of HFS’ OneOffice™ Emerging Tech Platform in data and decisions services engagements. They had the collective experience of 14,000+ enterprise customers to draw on.

  • Service providers said the leading technology components in their data and decisions services engagements are data optimization (55%) and integration (53%).
  • The combination of integration and data optimization is foundational in our Emerging Tech Platform, and it is reflected in work currently being undertaken by service providers for their enterprise clients.
  • After data is prepared and integrations are in place, enterprises and their data and analytics services partners seek to apply process intelligence (37%) and process orchestration (42%), rethinking the processes to get their data (see Exhibit 2, the HFS OneOffice Data Cycle).
  • RPA and AIOps are current laggards (24% and 25%, respectively), providing further evidence that many enterprises are still at the early stages of the OneOffice Data Cycle and not yet ready to automate their processes and data, a later stage in the cycle.
  • Intelligent data processing (29%) reflects the growing importance of ingesting unstructured and structured data to support decision making. Large swathes of the documents enterprises receive would otherwise need costly human interpretation and intervention.
The Bottom Line: Data and decisions engagements are dominated by foundational technology needs (data optimization and integration), and many enterprises are still at relatively early stages in their journey around the OneOffice data cycle. As enterprises mature in their use of data, we expect more of the technologies in use to move toward the automation of processes and data application and toward more use of AI to data flows to increase anticipation at speed.

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