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Re-Imagining CX for First Class Traveler Experiences

December 8, 2017

The bar for customer experience has been raised across the board, but no industry seems to have attracted more attention lately than travel and hospitality. Customer service issues that have received a lot of attention in the travel industry recently that highlight the breakdowns between people, process and technology are really nothing new, but an indicator of greater expectations for flawless (and increasingly digital) experiences.


With the availability of real-time interactive technologies, sophisticated global services, and more incisive analytics, new digital experiences can be crafted if the right thought and investment is made. One of the keys is to get smart about predicting customer events, rather than reacting to them, to earn travelers’ trust and loyalty.


Knowing who your loyal customers are—and giving them “first class” treatment—is becoming essential to staying competitive and building loyalty among customers.

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