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RPA and hyperscalers make the biggest impact on enterprises’ native automation journeys

November 5, 2021

The enterprise journey to native automation is not something to tackle alone. Business leaders turn to the expertise of service providers, such as those featured in the HFS OneOffice Services Top 10: Native Automation. In turn, those service providers, while often building out their industry or function-specific tooling, rely heavily on their technology partners.

With the experience of 14,000 client engagements to call on, we asked 13 leading service providers which automation tech vendors had the greatest impact on customers.

  • RPA software companies Automation Anywhere (AAI) and UiPath were co-leaders among those most often named; nearly 70% of respondents named them as a top automation partner. UiPath led in terms of trained resources. Blue Prism made the list but trailed behind in mentions as a top partner and for the number of trained resources.
  • Underscoring the importance and role of cloud, data, and AI in native automation, hyperscalers Microsoft Azure and AWS showed all the RPA vendors a clean pair of heels when it came to trained headcount, with more than 100K+ trained in Azure and AWS across the service providers reporting. GCP also made the list but trailed well behind its hyperscaler compatriots.
  • ServiceNow and Celonis round out the preferred partner list, pointing to SNOW’s traction in enterprise operations and Celonis’ continued Cinderella journey as the go-to partner for process intelligence. Their recent partnership also responds to the emerging enterprise need to combine the IT-centric mindset, with their business operations one. This is the HFS vision for enterprise operations extolled in our OneOffice™ model.
The Bottom Line: Maturing enterprises need the “now” value of RPA, the future value of cloud, and enterprise ops to bridge the gap

As enterprises strive for native automation, to enable enterprise operations on the road to the OneOffice, a broad set of ecosystem partners is necessary. RPA delivers now value, cloud delivers future value, and partners offering process effectiveness and enterprise operations are rising fast to bridge the gap.

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