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Smart Enterprises are considering the untapped potential of Vietnam

October 12, 2021

The days of resistance to offshoring are over with organizations eager to plug capability holes and become much more agile in these unpredictable market conditions.  The emerging brand of more packaged operational services, outcome-based services, and As-a-Service offerings – will be much more location neutral.

Global 2000 enterprises realize they simply cannot function without access to a portfolio of options for IT and operations talent. In pre-pandemic times, many enterprises and politicians advocated against offshore resources, but this is no longer viable as talent shortages in the US and other competitive countries are a serious issue affecting companies’ ability to function.

Vietnam is one of those emerging locations for talent and expertise that business leaders simply should not overlook. In terms of talent in emerging technologies such as AI, HFS sees Vietnam as a formidable challenger to the usual suspects like India and China, and a rising star in the global services ecosystem. Vietnam fared considerably well during the pandemic, containing the virus and mitigating negative economic impacts with rapid and efficient shifts to remote work. Its young, tech-savvy workforce makes Vietnam a destination of choice for foreign investment and offshore services.

HFS Research, with the support of FPT (FPT Group), formerly The Corporation for Financing and Promoting Technology, sought to examine the key elements generating success for enterprise clients of Vietnamese service providers and uncover the core elements enterprises should consider taking advantage of this country’s rich talent resources.

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