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The industrial manufacturing industry has the highest adoption of IoT among all industries

August 3, 2021

  • Overall, all the industries have shown significant adoption of IoT, indicating the implementation of IoT projects in both consumer and industrial IoT segments.
  • Over 85% of manufacturing firms surveyed responded that the manufacturing industry has been implementing or has already implemented IoT in their firms, depicting the highest percentage across the industries.
The Bottom Line: The IoT adoption trend indicates that the IoT projects are going beyond to PoC/Pilot stages. Scaled IoT engagements will generate more customer value, increasing the overall adoption.

In the last few years, the Industrial manufacturing industry has observed several standalone IoT implementations in asset management, logistics management, etc. Enterprise leaders have started to consider IoT as a lever for competitive advantage as IoT use-cases enable digital twin, process improvements, production control for the organizations. The IoT use-cases are scaled within the organization (for example, across multiple factory sites/ multiple assets within the same site) and integrated with larger enterprise applications like ERP for broader insights and visibility. Thus, we foresee more IoT use-cases in industrial manufacturing due to more business value realization from scaled engagements.

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