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Top 3 Cloud Workloads

June 10, 2021

99% of companies are deploying solutions on the cloud. The problem is determining which cloud is the best for each essential workload and can deliver the digital experiences and desired outcomes. Based on global survey data the top workloads by cloud reflects fragmentation rather than strategic intent.

  • Private Cloud is seen as the haven for data, analytics, and software development efforts, but it potentially limits continuous innovation and delivery efforts expected by the business
  • Public Cloud is seen as the most available and easy to access for hyper distributed systems, compute needs, and user collaboration. Tying massive amounts of data and computation to Private Cloud services will require planning and resources to succeed.
  • Hybrid Cloud allows data and people to be connected via business processes and allows more real-time access to content stored across entities. Developing natively for the cloud is crucial to developing, executing, and improving these workloads.
The Bottom Line: Currently, workloads are being a distributed across different cloud models.

If companies do not address how they’ll orchestrate data, workloads, and security cross Private, Public and Hybrid Clouds they’ll find themselves struggling with governance, delivery, and innovation.

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