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At HFS, we deliver insight to inspire new levels
of impact everyday. We partner with customers
across a portfolio of services to help solve problems,
create solutions, and bring big ideas to life.

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HFS is your trusted analyst partner providing Insight, Inspiration, Impact, and Advice into the major innovations that impact technology and business operations.

We combine hard data with honest viewpoints across our portfolio of services, giving you the information you need to:

  • Anticipate market shifts ahead of the curve
  • Make complex decisions confidently
  • Future-proof your strategy
  • Share your experience
  • Change the industry narrative

“Offering solutions that fit the need is an amazing strength, as is flexible turnaround.” ~Leading global enterprise client

Make complex decisions confidently. We provide straightforward insights based on research, data, and forward-looking trends.

  • HFS Top 10 Reports
  • HFS Industry Primers
  • HFS OneOffice Hot Vendors
  • HFS Market Analyses
  • Interactive Case Study Compendiums
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • HFS POVs and Blogs

Create impact in the organization and in the market. We partner with customers to catalyze decisions and manifest change for good through shared experience.

  • HFS Symposium and Summits
  • HFS Digital Roundtables
  • HFS Webinars
  • HFS Unfiltered Podcasts
  • HFS Enterprise Success Stories

Our people and research inspire big ideas and creative thinking. Collaborate with HFS to change the industry narrative.

  • HFS OneOffice Pulse
  • HFS Market Vision Paper
  • HFS Thought Leadership, based on Global 2000 executive surveys and interviews

Future-proof your strategy. Use HFS as a sounding board to get objective, comprehensive, outside-in perspectives.

  • HFS Think Tanks
  • HFS Executive Feedback Sessions
  • Voice of the Customer (VOC) Dashboard
  • Market Feasibility Assessment
  • M&A Advisory
Analyst Value Survey 2021
HFS ranks #1 in
analyst independence
Analyst Value Survey 2021

Both on the demand side and on the supply side, HFS is now one of the four firms most mentioned as influencing buyers.

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