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Bolster your digital manufacturing capability through acquisitions—the Accenture way

HFS recently published an article on how acquisitions can be a tool for augmenting capability and delivering Industry 4.0 services. We discussed that Accenture is pursuing a ruthless acquisition strategy to augment its Industry X.0 practice capability. We also published an article exploring the rationale behind Accenture’s acquisition of ESR Labs, another Industry 4.0-related acquisition, this time in the automotive domain. More recently, Accenture acquired Callisto Integration (“Callisto”), a Canada-based provider of consulting and technology services. The acquisition also includes Callisto’s MeasureTek subsidiary that leverages internet of things (IoT) technology to provide precision farming services, such as dynamic field monitoring and irrigation information. In this PoV, we discuss how this latest acquisition is a win-win scenario for both Accenture and Callisto. Service providers must realize what benefits are on offer through acquisitions (and partnerships for that matter) when looking to build a practice and compete in the Industry 4.0 space. Companies often pursue Industry 4.0 as a strategy or roadmap encompassing any, all, or a select few emerging technologies to help industrial firms meet evolving market demands and competition; acquisitions and partnerships are a vital part of building the necessary, comprehensive toolbox to hit the market.


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