Points of View

AI is Nascent, New, Hard… and Inevitable


20 enterprise leaders in discussion on AI for business operations - at the Apella in New York



At a recent FORA Roundtable in NYC, produced in association with Genpact and featuring their Chief Digital Officer, Sanjay Srivastava, HFS Research led a discussion with 20 enterprise leaders diving into the what, why and how of AI for business operations. The participants each came with a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities of AI for their business, and there was a breadth of maturity between those in the “getting started” and the “getting good” phases of AI experimentation and adoption.  It is clear that we at the beginning of a long cycle of learning and understanding how AI will impact business operations – but as the impact of AI will be inevitable, enterprises must start having these conversations, or risk falling far behind. 



The ”why” and “what” of AI have largely been defined… now it’s getting to the hard task of “how”


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