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Avoid IoT project pitfalls and deliver business value from the outset

Jul 3, 2019 Josh Matthews

Providers are rapidly moving toward end-to-end IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, fueled by expanding ecosystems of partnerships. Your IoT strategy must have the same ambition that we’re seeing in the service provider community; it needs to take advantage of the right change agents and requires security ingrained from the beginning, alongside the expertise of providers and partners. You don’t want to be left generating meaningless data, or worse, with a failed project and sunk capital—just another IoT white elephant.

Many IoT projects stall at the proof of concept stage

IoT projects that don’t aspire from the outset to drive business value often fail to move past the proof of concept (PoC) stage (see Exhibit 1). IoT projects without a clear understanding of the business benefits (and the right security) are pure vanity. However, they can be revolutionary with the right combination of emerging change agents, particularly AI and smart analytics, alongside the right mix of internal and external talent to drive home the IoT’s value potential.

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