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“Straight to digital” is not doomsday for smart service providers. Genpact just had its best quarter in six years! (Part Two)

Sep 25, 2019 Phil Fersht Josh Matthews


Part 2 of the two-part interview series with Genpact’s CEO and Chief Strategy Officer


The traditional offshoring-driven labor-intensive outsourcing model is finding its bottom (and fast) as enterprises aspire to go “straight to digital.” One service provider that’s kept pace with the changing industry narrative is Genpact. The firm built on its LEAN Six Sigma process excellence culture (emanating from its GE heritage) with organic and inorganic investments in emerging technologies as typified by the AI-powered Genpact CORA assets. Company leadership talks about using the “Instinctive Enterprise” to get closer to the customer, which is aligned with our Digital OneOffice approach.


We recently caught up with Genpact’s CEO Tiger Tyagarajan and Chief Strategy Officer Katie Stein in a wide-ranging interview talking about the market developments and Genpact’s past, present, and future. Tiger will also be a part of our leadership panel at the upcoming HFS Summit in NYC on October 1-2 in case you’ve still not registered for the event!


Tiger and Katie talked about their best-ever quarter in six years and their recent strategic acquisitions in Part 1 of the interview. In this edition, Part 2, we discuss the challenges with reskilling, data, mindset, and what sort of company Genpact will become in the next two years!

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