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Amazon has reinvented Procurement and forces you to change with it

Apr 17, 2018 Derk Erbé Madhuparna Banerjee

Amazon has created a de facto standard for purchasing experiences: simple, easy, and accommodating to the user. Many people wonder why buying at work should be so different from buying as a consumer. Amazon’s behavioural algorithm-based recommendations and simple evaluating criteria have reshaped requisitioning processes.


“How do we bring the ‘Amazon effect’ into our organization?” many executives ask. In our Procurement As-a-Service Blueprint, we use the term ‘Amazon effect’ to describe a move to simple, seamless, digital buying experiences with procurement becoming more user-focused—driven by more technology and changed user expectations.  Amazon is changing how consumers view the world; Procurement professionals cannot afford to ignore consumers’ perceptions of how simple business-to-business (B2B) interactions should now be.


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