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Executive Company Profile: EXL Services

EXL Service, or more commonly marketed as “EXL,” provides business services to a number of Global 2000 clients. The company splits their offerings into two broad sets exemplified by the new clients EXL acquired in the first quarter of 2012: three in “outsourcing” and five in “transformation.” Insurance, Financial Services, Finance and Accounting BPO as well as Analytics remain EXL’s primary focus, and they have made targeted acquisitions to strengthen their value in the space, including the recent acquisition of LifePRO®, Outsourcing Partners International (OPI) and Trumbull. EXL has resisted the temptation to try to be “all things to all people,” instead making investments in those domain and process areas the company wants to target. This focus is the reason that EXL can compete with the largest providers in the market, with the result being a new long-term marketing strategy, narrowing their market focus to Finance and Accounting (F&A) services and certain verticals, and promoting their process acumen.

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