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NA learns fast from process intelligence pilots

June 14, 2021

Europe’s leadership in piloting process intelligence (process mining and process discovery), when tracked across companies of all sizes, does not convert to application at scale when we ask the Global 2000. When HFS investigated the process intelligence market in Q3 last year we found NA lagging behind: Are North American enterprises missing the process intelligence party? But data from our May 2021 HFS Pulse Survey (focused only on 801 executives from the global 2000) shows the pendulum has swung. Despite the German foundations of $11b-valued Celonis and the acquisition of Process Gold by Romanian-founded UiPath, a significant gap in adoption at scale is evident among bigger business.

  • North American execs report 32% of the companies they work for are using process intelligence at scale across the enterprise. Asia-Pac is very close with 30%. Europe’s scale adoption is just 21.3% of our sample (representatives of 801 of the Global 2000 enterprises).
  • Interest remains strong in Europe – illustrated by almost 70% of executives reporting that they are piloting or applying the technology in ‘a few areas’. But based on our data, Asia-Pac and NA companies are going through the gears faster; moving at speed from testing in pockets, to using at scale.
  • The rest of the world shouldn’t be patting itself on the back just yet. Across the globe just over 72% of companies are not yet benefiting from process discovery at enterprise scale.
The Bottom line: A warning for all – it’s time to speed up the application of enterprise-wide lessons learned from tests and pilots.

The enterprise journey from test to scale is speeding up. NA and Asia-Pac companies acceleration to scaled use of process intelligence is just one illustration of that. Delays in applying what is learned in pilots means companies are slower to scale the potential benefits of whatever they are trialling. In the case of process intelligence, they are missing out on the reduced costs achieved from identifying process inefficiencies and bottlenecks, and in finding tasks that could benefit from automation. Take a first step to getting up to speed with HFS Research Top 10 Process Intelligence Products.

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