Joel Martin

Joel Martin is Vice President, Cloud Strategies at HFS. Joel’s role is to aid organizations in making crucial decisions on designing, adopting, managing, and governing their growing portfolio of as-a-Service solutions. Executives and business leaders will benefit from concise research on harnessing cloud-based solutions to support the workplace’s rapid, fundamental changes.

Success in the 2020s will depend on an organization’s leadership and understanding about how cloud strategies will deliver results that amplify success, provide reliable services, and reshape interactions with customers, employees, and global markets. Based on research, insights from across HfS, and professional experiences, Joel will guide conversations about successfully leveraging the workplace native competencies of Intelligent Automation and the OneOffice to optimize investments in people, partnerships, and technology.

Before HfS, Joel held senior roles in global enterprise software, intellectual property, semiconductor, and research firms. Joel has led product programs, built solutions, and led company strategies to adopt solutions based on the cloud. After graduating from the University of Houston, Joel’s career has taken him to New York, San Francisco, Prague, Sydney, and Toronto. He currently resides in Ottawa, Canada with his wife and daughters, where he has taken up electric guitar to annoy his neighbours, family, and friends.

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