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A fireside chat with Mohit Joshi: The banking industry must invest in technology to make sense in the new economy

Feb 10, 2020 Phil Fersht Sam Duncan

Phil Fersht recently had a candid conversation with Mohit Joshi, President, Infosys, about his views on the banking sector and the future of Infosys and the market as a whole. 


Mohit openly admits that he had little knowledge of the technology services business while growing up in India; instead, he chose to spend his time studying for a degree in history. He then joined a business school and ultimately found himself in the banking industry. In the opening discussion, Mohit explained that he saw banking in India shift in 2000, becoming more commoditizedthis is what sparked his curiosity about the world of technology. Eventually, through a friend, he found himself working for Infosys in Boston as a business development manager. Mohit moved around North America, watching Infosys grow from a $180 million company in 2000 to the almost $13 billion company it is now before moving to London, where he currently resides. 


Here is part one of this two-part series, in which Phil and Mohit discuss the banking sector and Mohit’s thoughts on its current disruptors and what is hindering digital transformation in the banking industry. 

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