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HFS 2.0: Defining Business Operations in the Next Decade

March 16, 2020

HFS resuscitates the analyst industry by bringing unique, fresher and more impactful insights into the major innovations impacting business and IT operations today and tomorrow.


We’re delighted to share with you our new products and services portfolio, as we continue our mission to define business operations and their technology enablement in the next decade.

We believe HFS 2.0 plays a critical role for businesses needing to establish a roadmap to successful transformation and our new offering has been specifically designed to help business leaders confidently steer their organisations into the hyperconnected future state.

Wave goodbye to the same old tired coverage currently provided by others

At HFS we’re bringing unique, fresher and more impactful insights into the major innovations impacting business and IT operations today and tomorrow. Significantly, we’re adding substantial depth, insight and data to our coverage of business and IT services and emerging technologies; expanding our Top 10 coverage of nearshore delivery locations to include North America, Europe and the Asia/Pacific region. In addition, our deep focus on change agents, functions and industries has also increased to include process mining, quantum computing and talent management plus technology, media and telecommunications.

Going further still, we’re providing monthly competitive intelligence reports – uniquely customized for each of our clients – industry health indices across the 10 major industries (BFS, insurance, telecom/media, retail/cpg, travel/hospitality/logistics, energy/utilities, manufacturing, healthcare and life sciences), and access to more than 190 blockchain real-use case studies, 170 Artificial Intelligence studies and over 150 RPA live case studies.

Why this is different to what other analyst firms are offering


Simply put, HFS provides the only industry viewpoint of technology through the eyes of the business leader. We present a highly credible, highly impactful outside view of what customers really think of their suppliers, based on 5000 annual interviews conducted across the Global 2000.

And more than that, we’re able to bring real substance to the analyst/customer relationship far beyond the occasional phone calls and reports access. We don’t simply regurgitate supplier marketing, rather our team of expert analysts cover converging issues across people, process and technology, also researching the changing values and cultures of enterprises. We focus on the value to business, and not just the features and functionalities.

And as ever, we deliver our insights authentically and unfiltered, always acting responsibly to keep fake news out of the analyst industry. HFS 2.0 is already being viewed by some sections of the market as an imperative, rather than a nice-to- have. We’re very proud to have put together the most comprehensive suite of forward-thinking insights, verified peer-driven research, and robust metrics available to the market to date.

Once again we’re ahead of these changing times – are you?

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