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Emerging technology adoption has a people problem

April 27, 2021

The top challenges to emerging technology adoption are not about the technology itself. HFS data, collected with the support of BluePrism, for our report ‘Your workforce has changed – Now the C-suite must adopt a NATIVE automation mindset’, indicates that company culture and approach to change management is the top challenge for enterprises when it comes to adopting automation and embracing a digital workforce.

  • We have a people problem. Three of the top four challenges in creating the virtual workforce and automation experiences that OneOffice points to are fundamentally about having the right attitude and culture to embrace change: getting employees on board with using new technology, getting people aligned to the same priorities, and creating a culture that embraces a digital workforce.
  • Change management MUST come to the fore. Restructuring for a new digital reality transcends many organizational boundaries and requires an alignment between business and IT like we’ve never seen before. Thus, change management now needs a seat at the table with people, process, and technology. People now understand digital technology and have a sense of what it can do; but, there is a chasm to cross to make it real in our lives and jobs.
  • OneOffice’s EX-CX alignment approach can help solve this critical issue. Once people see the benefit that emerging tech such as automation adds to their roles—augmenting their capabilities and supporting their work in a virtual environment—they will learn to trust it and accept it. Moving forward, the key to success is getting people excited to work with automation and knowing what to prioritize.

The HFS Bottomline. In order to reap the benefits of emerging technology, we now must focus on developing our employees’ digital fluency and get our organizations aligned to adapt to the OneOffice mindset. 

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