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Make Digital Your Core Strength!

We all know that the business impact of new digital technologies is massive, and we’re all warming up to it, right…? Early winners are acting boldly, while the laggards are stuck in the mud. Senior leaders who think it’s hype, or who say “I’m sure we’re doing just fine…” well, they’re in for a rough ride. If you’re not a digital leader today, quit stalling. It’s time to strengthen your digital core.


HfS researched nearly 400 $1Bn+ enterprises to understand the impact of a digital business model on their operations and learn the best practices – and the worst – for tomorrow. This study, designed and conducted with Cognizant digital thought leaders, highlights the key attributes of a digital-savvy organization, identifies the economic impact of digital leaders versus laggards, and shows the path to near-term value.


What you will read:


  • How big is the impact of digital technologies? Digital maturity already leads to exceptional economic returns for early adopters, to the tune of 19% higher-than-average revenue growth.
  • Corporate narcissism is epidemic. Amazingly, 80% of all senior decision-maker respondents think they’re better than everybody else right now. But, not everyone can be above-average…
  • Digital is the business. 65% of business leaders see digital as much more than just investing in new technologies.
  • Why you need to be a “paranoid optimist”. Complacency is the enemy of digital progress.
  • Your back-office just became your customer experience. Why it is so important to pan your processes for gold.

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